Written by Myrna Orenstein, Ph.D.

The frustration of living with learning disabilities, undiagnosed (ULD) and diagnosed (LD) is like living with the weather…unpredictable

It can be a topsy-turvy life because most people with LD are smart having strengths as well as weaknesses. In the areas of strength learning is comfortably rewarding. People feel good about themselves.


In areas of weakness, these same smart people can become discouraged because having to perform or achieve is so hard. Take, for example, the brilliant person who becomes tongue tied and embarrassed every time he is called upon at work or in class.

There’s nothing like the frustration of trying to overcome invisible obstacles to play havoc with one’s confidence and self esteem. Having to work so hard with minimal reward can cause smart people to feel lazy, unmotivated and like an underachiever. It’s hard to work when one fears that the end result will be mediocre or worse.

Often, the frustration of LD doesn’t go away. It’s always hard to function in areas of weakness. But the challenge of LD can and does create resilient people who know how to struggle, survive, and achieve.

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