An astute clinical social worker and author with more than ten years professional experience.  Enthusiastic presentation style reflects a thoughtful and positive approach to understanding learning disabilities in adults; a thorough understanding of subject matter; and the knowledge and desire to perceptively tailor programs that support individual learning modalities.  Specific strengths include:

•    Recognizing impasses and creating bypasses to empower innate potential.

•     Designing educational programs that motivate curiosity and creative thinking.

•     Developing programs that enhance knowledge about learning disabilities in adults.


Doctor of Philosophy, Institute for Clinical Social Work, Chicago

Dissertation:  “Imprisoned Intelligence:  The Discovery of Undiagnosed Learning Disabilities in  Adults”  1992

Master of Arts, The University of Chicago, The School of Social Service  Administration, 1981

Bachelor of Music Education, Roosevelt University, 1963


Smart but Stuck:  How Resilience Frees Imprisoned Intelligence from Learnning Disabilities  Second Edition  The Haworth Press 2007

Smart but Stuck:  Emotional Aspects of  Learning Disabilities and Imprisoned Intelligence   The Haworth Press  2001

“Resilience:  The Antidote to Shame”  Newsletter of theMental Health Association of the North Shore 39(4) 2005

“Thoughts on Traumatic Learning Failure” (with Fred Levin, M.D.) The Educational Therapist 14(2) 2003

“The Emotional Impact of Repeated Cognitive Failure on the Evolving Sense of Self and Kohut’s Tension Arc” (with Fred Levin, M.D.)  Psychoanalytic Social Work2001 (2002)

“Picking Up the Clues:  Understanding Undiagnosed Learning Disabilities, Shame, and Imprisoned Intelligence”  Journal of College Student Psychotherapy15(2) 2000



Clinical Social Worker, Evanston, Illinois
Facilitated psychotherapeutic experiences by empathically  diagnosing and treating adolescents, young adults, and adults with learning disabilities.  1985 – present.

Supervisor,   Participated in group supervision for Psy. D. and social work students at The Ark in Chicago.  1993 – present


Presenter,   Trinity College  “Smart but Stuck:  Emotional aspects of learning disabilities and imprisoned intelligence”  November 2006

Co-Presenter,   The 28th Annual International Conference of the Association of Educational Therapists  “Promoting inner experiences of resilience in persons with learning disabilities  2006  Boston, Mass.

Co-Presenter,   The 29th Annual International Conference on The Psychology of the self  “Learning disabilities and psychoanalytic treatment of adults  2006  Chicago, Illinois

Presenter,  International Conference Learning Disability Association of America “Smart but stuck:  Confusion, Alienation, and Humiliation when Learning Attempts Fail.” 2004  Atlanta, Georgia

Presenter,  Jewish Family and Community Service
“Smart but Stuck:  Emotional Aspects of Learning Disabilities and Imprisoned Intelligence.” 2001

Presenter,  Madison Area Technical College  “The Emotional Consequences of Learning Disabilities”   2001  Madison, Wis.

Presenter,  Illinois International Dyslexia Association  Conference “Learning Disabilities, Shame, and Imprisoned Intelligence” 2000

Workshop Leader, International Conference for the Advancement of Private Practice in Clinical Social Work  “Picking Up the Clues:  Understanding Undiagnosed Learning Disabilities, Shame, and Imprisoned Intelligence  2000  Scottsdale, Arizona

Workshop Leader, Association of School Social Workers Presented topic “Imprisoned Intelligence:  The Plight of the Smart  but Inconsistent Learner.”  1993

In-Service Trainer, Winnetka Family Service Delivered paper on “Imprisoned Intelligence” to professional staff. 1993

Instructor, DePaul University, Chicago
Provided in-service training to PLUS program teachers, a diagnostic and tutorial service assisting students with learning disabilities.  1992


Instructor, Oakton Community College
Taught Psychology 101 a college level course for freshman.  1999-2000

Instructor, Institute for Clinical Social Work, Chicago
Co-lead two continuing education courses with Joseph Palombo, M.A. “The Treatment of Adults with Undiagnosed Learning Disabilities.” 1997-1998

Instructor, Institute for Clinical Social Work, Chicago
Taught “Shame in a Self-Psychological setting”  a continuing education course integrating affect theory with treatment.  1994-1996

Facilitator, Institute for Clinical Social Work, Alumni Association.  Co-leading an ongoing support group for Ph.D. candidates.  1994 to present

Instructor, The Institute for Clinical Social Work, Chicago
“Imprisoned Intelligence”  Lectured on how undiagnosed
learning disabilities can create impasses in therapy.  1992


L.C.S.W., Academy of Certified Social Workers, 1991
B.C.D., Association of Board Examiners, 1991
Q.C.S.W., National Association of Social Workers, 1991


Board Member, Mental Health Association of the North Shore
National Association of Social Workers
Illinois Society for Clinical Social Work
Learning Disability Association
Mental Health Association of Evanston
Professional Musician:  Chicago Symphony Chorus
Grant Park Chorus, Lyric Opera Chorus